The Institute for Spiritual Development of Middle Tennessee



Weddings, Vow Renewal, *Handfastings.   Each ceremony is created just for the couple getting married.

*In medieval times, Handfasting is referred to meaning the betrothal, or engagement, of a couple, rather than the actual marriage. In the late 18th century,  Handfasting was considered a trial marriage which would last for a year and a day. At this point they could decide whether to officially marry or whether they'd rather part ways.  If a child was conceived during the Handfast period, the trial marriage would become permanent.


 Today Handfasting is becoming a popular part of modern wedding ceremonies.  The act of tying a couples' hands together during the ceremony, represents the joining of families and the union of the couple.   

Welcoming / Naming (Christening)

Welcoming your new child into the physical world, naming and blessing